My name is John Watkins. I'm a lawyer, mediator and adjunct law professor in Athens, GA

Photography is a passion for me that has already taken me on many memorable journeys. I am particularly interested in night landscapes involving the stars and Milky Way.

On my photography trips , I've met many great people with  a passion for the outdoors and the night sky. There is something truly spiritual about gazing at the stars on a bright clear evening. It helps us reconnect with our creator. It is good for the soul. 

The camera captures so much more of the night sky than the human eye can see. In addition to experiencing the stars in person , there is the added excitement of later seeing what the camera captured. There is a lot of satisfaction in creating a memorable image.

Another source of inspiration  is my home town of Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia. Athens is a quintessential college town and UGA has one of the oldest and most beautiful campuses in North America. You will also find galleries featuring Athens, UGA, and northeast Georgia.

I hope you enjoy my work.

John L. Watkins

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